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Write Articles and Earn Money -

Write Articles and Earn Money

Write articles and earn money

Write articles and earn money

A passionate writer like you will surely like to write articles and earn money or report news or views on a subject of your choice. This is the place to share your work with millions of readers all around the world.

We have three websites which carry informative posts on such topics as Aviation, Energy, Technology, Environment, Social Issues, and Money. They are:

You are welcome  to join as an author.

Let your talent speak

As a community of professionals and a responsive website, NC Airways is a unique platform to share your views on a relevant topic as an article/post with 400-600 words. We will publish your posts and the same would be linked with ‘My Story’ after approval from our editorial desk. 

What you get

All published works will be suitably paid. 

$5 for 3 400-word articles,

$8 for 3 500-word articles, and

$11 for 4 600-word articles.

Besides, you collect reward points based on views, ratings and reviews on your article. The points can be redeemed for cash or discounts. The more you write under ‘submit a post’ the more you collect reviews and reward points.

Attractive discounts on air – tickets you purchase either for yourself or for your friends here at NC Airways. 

See Book a flight or a hotel 

How to become an NC Airways contributor

On which subjects should I write?

Any subject of your choice. Science and technology, current events therein, aviation, energy, are popular subjects. Preferably, it should not have any relation with academics, exams, or education. We detest the education system.

What is the most important condition to qualify?

The work should be original. Duplicates, plagiarized or repeated works will not be considered.

Where will my work be published?

Your work will be published at any one of the sites mentioned. You will be duly informed.

Can I include my own links?

Of course. You can include up to two hyperlinks in your post where you deem fit.

How do I submit?

You need to interact with us through email : You send us your work, photos, etc. as attachments.

Some Published Articles

To begin

First, you should be subscribed as a registered member at NC Airways. 

You will create your profile. It should be in as much detail as you wish. Then, you will be assigned the ‘author’ role on this site. All your published posts will be visible here along with ‘the author’s bio’. So, what are you waiting for?

Contact Us


NC Airways practices fair journalism and we have an adequate vigil over the content submitted.

As you submit your story here, you agree that the contents posted by you are accurate, non-abusive, non-defamatory, and do not go against legal rights of privacy.