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Worse crisis yet to be seen by global airlines

Today, the global airlines are struggling through a worse crisis since the first commercial service began flying passengers nearly 100 years ago. The Covid-19 pandemic has exerted a long-term and profound impact globally.

Domestic passenger numbers in some markets have slowly started signs of recovery from COVID-19 lockdown lows, especially in Asia.
Chinese airlines recover from such a worse crisis Chinese airlines hope for local travel boost. The aviation market in China has been the first to rebound from such a worse crisis, and the overall trend of recovery and development appears to be prosperous. Strong potential demand for air-passenger travel if the virus is suppressed.

Air travel in China has mostly returned from its pre-COVID-19 levels, with about 15m seats scheduled in the week to August 30, indicating the pace of the country’s economic rebound.

Japan has also resumed normal service. Domestic travel is not subject to the same level of restrictions as cross-border flights, leaving it well-positioned to lead any recovery from this worse crisis.

China, where the disease first emerged in 2019 has reported no new deaths since May 2020. A tentative return of business and tourist travel within its borders can be seen here, even as the virus wreaks havoc elsewhere. Here domestic travel has picked up with the coronavirus outbreak brought largely under control.

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By Naleen Chandra

Naleen Chandra, founder of NC Airways based at Patna in Bihar. The author and coauthor of several blog posts. He has worked for more than 20 years in Aviation as an Aircraft maintenance engineer at senior management. He is a keen observer of socio-economic conditions which affect every aspect of the common man's life. He is a corporate director and investment banker-turned political commentator. Views expressed here are, of course, personal.

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