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Career Options -

Career Options

Welcome to Career Options.

While you look for unique career options, we extend counselling services.

Career Options

It is very important for every person to consider his or her family background, native place, strengths, weaknesses, financial conditions and aspirations while pursuing a career. Then we shall advise on the available opportunities and threats therein. The key is optimum utilisation of available resources.

Please note that study or undergoing some course at some so-called educational institution is not necessarily a way to seek unique career options in India. Rather, skill development, preserving family traditions, staying rooted in one’s native place, self-employment is certainly key to long term career prospects.

For instance, a farmer who relentlessly works in his fields is always in the process of learning which is what education is all about. He knowingly or unknowingly feels and executes almost every topic which is generally taught as academic subjects. Subjects like science, maths, trade, commerce, sociology, Law to name a few form an integral part of his everyday activities. The differences are: he does not have to pay any fee, nobody pressurises him to earn high marks in exams.

You, too, can do introspection and search within yourself while you are looking for career options after the 12th, that is after attaining the age of 18 years.

One has to open one’s mind to introspect, explore and not just follow. In this existence, there are immense possibilities of perceptive realizations in all time frames and spatial domains. Therefore the exploratory attitude of our minds should be encouraged, this is how we can evolve.

While exploring career options for students, or career options in arts one must be at least familiar with the huge gap between industry needs and the Education system.

NC Airways is here to guide you and extend support as you move forward. To give you an idea, it has one base activity – the Jalsa Banquet Hall – around which various fields of study or activity in the real sense of the term are built.

Study AreaActionsBased Academic Theories
Civil maintenance worksCivil, mechanical, electrical upkeep, HVACEngineering – civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics, etc.
CateringFood-relatedHotel management, Nutrition
HousekeepingGeneral maintenanceScience, arts
DecorationElectrical, electronicsArts, crafts
Office adminHR, Marketing, accountsCommerce, sociology, Law
TravelAirline ticketing, cab rentalHospitality
ITMedia, JournalismLanguages – Regional language, Hindi, English. Literature
Important Note: Every activity area has still more academic subjects in common like economics, environment, industrial engineering, history, geography, psychology, philosophy,  sociology, and, of course, Law.

The takeaways include, besides job satisfaction, a dignified social status for the team member. Every team member or associate is entitled to use the Hall premises on such occasions as marriage, anniversary or birthday – either for self or any family member. Every staff can avail air tickets at the cheapest rates.

This is how we perceive Industry-Education collaboration and opportunities for aspirants therein.

Please fill in the form below. You should indicate your contact information and the areas of your interest.

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