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Are Aviation, Tourism, Hotels, And Hospitality Sectors On Track To The Pre-covid Level?
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Even though we were aware of the news of Covid before it spread throughout the world, the tourism industry never imagined that it could have impacted its economics this much. Whether we are talking about first-world countries or third, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought one of the most devastating public health crises, and that’s not all.

Maintaining distances

This pandemic has already become responsible for 2,592,294 deaths and 116,684,542 cases worldwide as of now. And it’s not going to stop any time soon, at least not before everyone of us is vaccinated. Governments and health industries whether private or not have gathered around with the front line workers have taken upon this challenge to themselves to keep the problem under control. And, they also did something else. They closed down a lot of parts of the economy which has to lead to other economic crises. As a result, it pretty much shut down the GDP levels along with the unemployment rate that hasn’t been seen in 90 years since the great depression. But that is not all that has been rolled back, a lot of major industries have been devastated ever since.


So, it can be easily said that the industries are still not on track to the pre-covid level, it won’t be that easy to be recovered as well. Six decades of the tourism industry progress got reduced to pretty much nothing in weeks and that’s not the only scary part. Mass tourism was the beginning of the evolved tourism industry and that was only 63 years ago. All that achievement of the only best and reliable international travel was pretty much got back to square one. And that indeed happened in weeks in response to the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide which started a chain reaction of shutting off industries. The openness of world travel, aviation, and most of all global mobility was reduced by more than 60 percent which is the new low score in decades.


There is a complete year reduction of tourist arrival by more than 70% and that’s the only tip of the iceberg. And compared to 2019, there isn’t much of a full recovery option until the pandemic is gone and the recovery level reduced up to 45 percent. If we do the math for the top ten worldwide tourism markets, they pretty much lost more than $1.5 trillion in the whole year. But despair isn’t something we should feel since the recovery rate is still ongoing. And the recovery process is getting on point since the vaccinations are already getting done worldwide. We’ll have to take note that not only global travel was affected by the pandemic, but the domestic travel industry as well. Online flight booking is getting on track compared to the time between 2019 and 2020 and things are looking brighter as we speak. A lot of airlines have shut down traveling from everywhere but it was only temporary. Now that things are finally getting a bit better, the tourism industry along with the aviation and hotel sectors are finally opening up for the people.

Here we’ll talk about how aviation, tourism, hotels, and hospitality sectors on track to the pre-covid level as of now.

COVID-19 Impact On The Aviation Sector

The covid-19 effect

In modern history, 2020 holds the worst year for the aviation industry and it kept getting worse till the end of the year. Now that it’s 2021, things are still bad but there is light among that darkness. As the vaccinations are already ready and people all over the world are getting it, the tourism industry and most of all, the aviation industry is also trying hard to get on track to the pre-covid level. It’ll still need a lot of time since a lot has changed in a year which hasn’t been seen before. The most devastating part is that the aviation sector lost more than $60 billion for airlines and ANSPs. And since there was a worldwide lockdown, of course, the passenger rate got reduced by more than 1.8 billion and that’s not all. We’ve seen more than 50% fewer flights back in 2019 and even fewer in 2020. But things are finally changing and getting back on track in 2021 since people are recovering and due to the vaccinations all over the world. All the major industries are reopening and the aviation sectors are getting on their feet. The economy of the aviation sector might not be the same as the pre-covid level and cheap air tickets are consistently available for the passengers. But to get back to things like before COVID-19, we still need to wait a lot.

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Impact On Tourism Industry

We can see how COVID-19 impacted every major economic sector and one of the worst of them all is the Tourism industry. The pre-covid time was an amazing moment for the tourism industry where it was growing very fast at a rate of more than 3% as the worldwide economy grew as well. There were no online flight booking, no airplanes, and the hotels were pretty much empty. So it was pretty obvious that the tourism sector would be hugely affected and it certainly did due to restricted flights as well. But as time grows, the recent vaccinations have already proved to be useful enough to let a lot of industries reopen. The aviation industry is also providing cheap air tickets to encourage more travelers and bring back the balance. And the tourism industry is also trying to get back at its feet as we speak. But to make things normal like before, it’ll certainly take more time.

COVID-19 Impact On The Hotels

The hotel industry took the hardest hit among a lot of affected industries throughout the world by the coronavirus. Now even tho things are trying hard to get back to their original progress, it’ll take a lot of time. Calculations and research have shown that it’d take at least 2 years to get the hotel industry on track to the pre-covid level and that may sound slow, it’s still a lot of hope that we can rely on.

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COVID-19 Impact On The Hospitality Sectors

The problem of affecting the travel industries that it’ll shut down the entire ecosystem it holds and that exactly what happened when COVID-19 struck. Even now, the entire impact on revenue supplies that the travel industry brings is huge and recovery will take time. But the hospitality sector has its maturity level for working together and getting back the balance compared to other affected industries. The true commitment to society has made the hospitality sector more active.

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