The Rise of BJP in India and the World is Unstoppable Now

A newly found momentum

The rise of BJP in India. The political drama in Bengal has just begun with the BJP gaining a new momentum. After the recent BJP wins in Bihar assembly elections, significant electoral inroads in GHMC polls in Hyderabad, the confidence of BJP is soaring. It is being said that the rosy days of Mamata didi, the veteran TMC leader in power since last 10 years, are now over in Bengal. But is the saffron brigade in a position to oust TMC yet?

The rise of BJP

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation polls in December 2020 saw an impressive show by BJP. The Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) which won a whopping 88 seats in 2016, was stopped at just 55 this year. The BJP hailed the party’s performance as a ‘moral victory’ and called itself the only alternative to the ruling TRS.

The rise of BJP
The BJP is making in roads everywhere

The Bihar Assembly polls in November 2020 narrated a similar story. Most exit pools had predicted  that the ruling NDA would be defeated due to anti-incumbency and the Grand Alliance (MGB) would win. But the BJP victories proved all pollsters wrong. NDA returned to power, however with a razor thin majority this time.

The Bengal Assembly elections to be held in Apr-May of 2021 now take the centre-stage. Bengal sends 42 Lok Sabha MPs to the parliament. It is the third such biggest contributor after UP and Maharashtra. The BJP although a new entrant in Bengal politics is being seen with high hopes. With no anti-incumbency factor and the promise of bringing Bengal in line with central ‘Vikas’ add strength to the party. The confidence of BJP is such that the party claims to easily win more than 200 seats in the 294 seat state, that too without any external party support. The last Lok Sabha elections in the state, have given the BJP this confidence. The political scenario is such a Congress MP, Jairam Ramesh, has remarked that Mamata Bannerjee with her politics of polarization is responsible for the rise of BJP in the state.

Factors affecting the rise of BJP

Pan-India presence

Once considered an outcast or a fringe party, the BJP painted the length and breadth of the country saffron in 2017. Despite its shrinking footprint thereafter, with Jharkhand and Maharashtra losses, the party remains a considerable nationwide player. The party is very close to its objective of ‘Congress Mukt Bharat’.

NRI Support

India’s liberal expats are BJP’s biggest fans. Flash mobs, car rallies at iconic foreign landmarks such as the Times Square ensure that Indian media remains fixed on saffron clad volunteers endorsing BJP. This diaspora has thus a huge impact on election results.

Strong Organisation

The cadre-based organisation of BJP is strictly hierarchical. The secret of its growth and success has been capable leaders, cadre discipline and parivar. The Modi-Shah duo provides a strong leadership. Well trained and motivated cadres from grassroots give strength to the party. The alliance partners in the form of sangh parivar prove to be all weather friends of the party.

Charismatic central leadership

Be it the Vajpayee-Advani duo or the Modi-Shah Jodi, the central face of the party has always been charismatic and strong. The major face even in all assembly polls of the states, remains the one and only strong leader of the party.

Laudable Achievements

Some of the outstanding achievements of Team Modi since 2014 have been : the Ayodhya solution, the Kashmir solution and the a soothing touch to address the plight of muslim talaqed ladies. Even the ardent critic of BJP would agree with it. Besides, the global stature of India as a superpower under Modi has gone from strength to strength. This has immensely helped the non-BJP  voters to get attracted towards BJP which is a huge positive.

Weak Opposition

Indian political stage is always blamed for a lack of viable opposition. Given the strong PR machinery of BJP, most opposition leaders are battling with political mockery. Be it the ‘pappu’ of INC or the ‘twelfth man’ of RJD, the leadership of the opposition is nowhere impressive.

No viable alternative

There is effectively no political alternative to the BJP today. This can well be seen by observing the last Bihar assembly elections. Even when all major opposition parties rallied together to form the Mahagathbandhan against the BJP, they had to taste defeat.

What the future holds

For other opposition parties

The biggest loser in Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka or Telangana – be it general elections, by-elections or municipal elections – was none other than the Congress party. So despite the blows being felt by other oppositions, the one on the brink of extinction remains Congress if it refuses to draw a fresh blueprint.

For allies

With the rise of BJP, its allies in the NDA are all set to haggle for more representation, more important portfolios and pinning hopes of an improved seat-sharing deal in subsequent assembly elections. However as seen from Bihar, where the NDA ally Nitish Kumar despite being made the Chief Minister, had to settle for a diminished stature and a dubious future, the other BJP allies must see clear lessons.

For the general public, a  rising global stature

India has been ranked the 5th highest “Geopolitical Risk” in 2020, according to Eurasia Group, a leading global political risk management consultancy. BJP in its second term promoted controversial social policies at the expense of an economic agenda highlighted the report. As per the report, some of the risks for India in 2020 will include “sectarian conflict”, anti-CAA protests, and stray violence in Kashmir, which it elaborates as a “powder keg” after the Article 370 removal. This occurs when a government is formed based on sectarian politics and not considering real economic issues.

BJP endorsed in Bihar.

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