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Humbled Sonu Sood says, 'Don't Deserve This'
Sonu Sood Temple

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood is not just a reel life hero. His altruistic work during the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that he is for sure a genuine saint who helped a great many individuals who ran out of luck.

People have even built and dedicated a temple in his honour. It is their way of expressing their respect for Sood, his works and humanitarian aids during the COVID-19 pandemic. This included his help to a great many abandoned migrant labourers reach their native places at the hour of the pandemic.

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sonu sood

Location: Chelimi tanda under Dubba, a small hamlet with 60 houses, 10 km from the newly formed Dhulmitta mandal HQ in Telangana.
Cost of temple construction: ₹ 0.17 million
Cost of bust-sized fibre statue of Sonu Sood: ₹ 50,000
Craftsman: Madhusudhan, a native of Bangalore and residing in Hyderabad- a direct beneficiary of Sonu Sood’s help; Sood had arranged a bus to help him reach his native place. He charged less than the actual expense.

Nonetheless, when the information on it arrived at Sood, his reaction on Twitter was that he felt lowered and he didn’t merit it. Sood in a statement said that it is an “extremely overwhelming” moment for him. He likewise conceded that he is only an average person who helped his siblings and sisters.

Not only the villagers of Dubba love to worship Sonu Sood, several film makers agree to change the films’ script as per his new image. Filmmakers now approach Sonu Sood with lead roles in their films due to his newly gained grand philanthropic image. Sood earlier used to essay the negative roles mostly. The superstar of Telugu films, Chiranjeev, refused to hit Sonu Sood during a fight scene saying people will curse him.

Sonu’s humanitarian work has been lauded by the people everywhere in the world. Earlier, one Twitter user had placed Sood’s photo in his place of worship next to photos of gods and goddesses at his home temple, Sonu Sood responded to the fan’s respect for him by saying, “My place is not here, it’s in your heart.”

Sonu Sood has now become a real hero of the people. He had helped out innumerable people during the coronavirus lockdown during which neither the state nor the central government nor their agencies came forward. Now, all those humanitarian works are bearing him fruit which he always deserved. Some of his works have been:

  • During the lockdown, Sood opened his hotel in Juhu for healthcare workers of nearby hospitals
  • Arranged transport services for stranded migrant labourers to reach home
  • Provided meals, booked train tickets and even chartered planes for those who were stranded at various places during the pandemic
  • Started the Shakti Annadanam initiative to feed 45,000 people daily
  • Helped a 22-year-old girl from Gorakhpur get knee replacement surgery
  • Announced 3 lakh jobs on his Pravasi Rojgar
  • Repatriated over 1,500 Indian students from Kyrgyzstan
  • Rreportedly mortgaged eight properties to raise a loan of Rs 10 crore to help the needy
  • ‘Khud kamaao ghar chalaao’- gifted e-rickshaws to the underprivileged who have lost their source of livelihood
  • Donated a tractor to an Andhra Pradesh farmer, who used his two daughters to plough the field

Sood is planning to come up with a book titled – ‘I Am No Messiah’

People may continue to debate whether the villagers of Dubba did the right thing. People are free to ridicule the worshippers of Sonu Sood, but their act only affirms the intensity with which they regard Sood. No other celebrated star – film star, politicians, or civil officers – has been able to win a similar sentiment from the people till date. And this seems highly unlikely in near or long term.

In any case, it can not be denied that the people have started admiring and respecting him more than ever before. He has acquired the sobriquet of a Messiah for his magnanimous motions towards the penniless and the oppressed during the pandemic. May be after 200 years or so, Sood will indeed become a GOD for people of that time.

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