Patna University Result: Gasping for Survival

Patna University Result today. Established in 1917 the Patna University (PU) today is said to provide distance education courses apart from a number of UG, PG, PG Diploma and Research courses in various disciplines like Commerce, Science, Humanities, Education, Management, Computer Applications, Library Sciences and Law through its 10 constituent colleges and 42 Departments/Institutes/Centres.

Till 2004, the PU got grants to sustain itself. Since then, its productivity has understandably gone down significantly. Its staff gained 16 years seniority, while most of them retired from service. The table below indicates that fresh recruitment did not happen and as a result the very existence of the University came under a threat.


Sanctioned postsWorkingSolution
Teachers86929187 guest faculty members
Non-teaching staff1,506619Appointment of staff on a contract basis through outsourcing
The PU has dearth of teachers and non-teaching staff


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The rest of the world since 2004 continued to move forward with little contribution from the PU which most of the time kept asking for more taxpayer’s money. It was not to generate more revenue but to pay salary arrears!

On its own the PU, with its available resources somehow is able to generate Rs 38.8 million. Despite this, it further requires Rs 5,451.5 million in FY 2021-2022. This amount, as per its management led by the VC Girish Kumar Chaudhary, will not generate even Rs 1 million. Rather it is an expenditure which will be absorbed towards meeting such needs as:

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  • clearing its outstanding liabilities,
  • payment of arrears of revised pay to the teachers and non-teaching staff,
  • payment of electricity charges, municipal taxes,
  • maintenance of laboratories and other infrastructural facilities,
  • construction of employees’ quarters and repair of existing quarters, and
  • construction of elevators at the PU office, library, and Darbhanga House

The PU presently has a weak placement cell. The recruiters seem reluctant to pick PU pass-outs. Its management needs another Rs 2.25 million to strengthen it.

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The PU management will, thus, submit its proposals to the state government which has not granted any aid to the PU since 2004.

Clearly, the PU does not practice what it preaches. It has still not run its operations professionally. It has got more than 181 acres of land still left. The land value in real estate terms alone has gone up by more than 1000% since 1917 for which the PU admin can not claim any credit. The irony is that this value addition has to be credited to those people who do not make use of the PU premises!

Still, the PU management seems to be clueless when it comes to converting this enormous NPA into something productive. Had it applied the theory of optimum utilisation of available resources to itself, the PU would not have depended on grants or aids. Today the Patna University result is that it is not ‘atma-nirbhar.’

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