Nitish Kumar Sets an Enviable Record in India

Nitish Kumar, 69, takes oath as the Chief Minister of Bihar for the seventh time – his fourth consecutive term. Tar Kishor Prasad and Renu Devi, both of the BJP, also took oath as Deputy Chief Ministers of Bihar.

India’s third most-populous state, Bihar, recently witnessed a three-phase poll ended on November 7. It was a keenly fought battle, and at the end democracy emerged victorious displaying the vitality and sustainability of large democracies.

Nitish Kumar Sworn in as Bihar Chief Minister again.

Bihar’s population is more than 100 million, bigger than many European countries, It sends 40 MPs to the Lok Sabha, and 16 MPs to the Rajya Sabha.

In Assembly elections 2020, it has been observed that the electorate in Bihar has voted very differently than it did in the Lok Sabha elections. Regional issues, deeply entrenched casteism, and small parties generally controlled by dynasties take precedence over everything else. In this case, pollsters had predicted that the ruling NDA would be defeated due to anti-incumbency and the MGB would win.

But, the Bihar results proved the pollsters wrong. The NDA returned to power with 125 out of 243 seats in the Assembly – a wafer thin majority. Though the opposition MGB did not fare badly, it came a close second with 110 seats to show.

Nitish Kumar has now become the Chief Minister of Bihar for a record fourth time. He is already the longest serving Bihar Chief Minister. Kumar changed alliances and partners whenever it suited him to survive. He thus proved himself as a shrewd politician and a capable survivor.nitish kumar oath

His previous terms were:
First- lasting just seven days, from March 3-10, 2000.
Second- November 24, 2005 to May 20, 2014 and
Third- February 22, 2015 to present

Thus, he has more than 14 years of working experience as a CM

If Nitish Kumar completes his new five-year term till 2025, he will then have nearly 20 years of experience as Chief Minister

Considering he never possessed a majority on his own, this is quite an astonishing feat, a remarkable achievement indeed.

Modi magic did the trick as democracy won the day

Nitish Kumar’s ally, the BJP, won 74 seats, improving its performance by a staggering 21 seats, emerging as a clear winner. This is yet another evidence of the fact that the Narendra Modi magic – With Modi it is Possible – still works. Wherever he campaigned in Bihar, the BJP won. Observers say that the BJP’s performance in Bihar is a prelude of what lies in West Bengal, which goes to the polls in six months time.

Burnol Moment for Tejashwi and Co

Nitish’s main rival, the RJD, which is leading the five-party Mahagathbandhan, and its allies did not attend the swearing-in event of Nitish Kumar. The Mahagathbandhan (MGB ) is also known as Grand Alliance. It is a coalition of political parties like the Congress, CPI-ML, CPI, and CPI(M) in Bihar.

Without a shadow of doubt, the Bihar electorate has now thrown up a credible, regional and youthful alternative in Tejashwi Prasad Yadav of the RJD.

Tejashwi is the youngest son of parents who ruled Bihar almost 15 years, that is when he was 1-15 years of age. He is a dropout from DPS, R.K. Puram, New Delhi, he is often mocked for being the 12th man in one of the Indian Premier League teams. But, he has certainly proved his mettle in Bihar politics. He managed to attract huge crowds at his rallies, his persona struck an emotional chord in the electorate especially the youth. He has now transformed himself into a charismatic leader in India. His growth as a leader is now being taken seriously by his friends and foes alike.

Hope is in the air

The people of Bihar want only one one wish to be fulfilled. That is, may the BJP and the JDU of the ruling NDA fulfill the promises they made in their manifestos and restore Bihar’s lost legacy.

The people of Bihar have voted for stability, continuity, and good governance in giving Nitish Kumar’s NDA government another term in power. That is why the voters of Bihar are considered the most discerning and politically well informed.

Priorities for the Government

Hereinafter, the ruling alliance shall fear opposition backlash if it does not do its duties well. There are a number of pending tasks to do. Considering the wafer-thin margin of victory, the ruling NDA can not afford to be complacent. It has to set it priorities right:

Attending pending projects

  • Six bridges over the river Ganges in Patna,
  • Patna ring road
  • Patna metro
  • The Koilwar Bridge
  • The Kosi Bridge
  • Revival of sick sugar and paper mills
  • …… and several others

If the newly formed government seriously attends to these, it will not only generate 1.9 million job opportunities in the next five years but it will give the much needed fresh lease of life to Bihar’s economy. There are several investors – NRIs and local – who desperately yearn for favorable response from the government.

Under the newly created regime Bihar is likely to achieve new heights of development.


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