Sat. Sep 26th, 2020

One of the hardest-hit sectors globally during COVID-19 is the education sector. Education institutions, teachers, and students had to bear the brunt of the impact of the pandemic. Online learning seems to be the best bet during these difficult times when many countries have imposed a lockdown.

Prior to COVID-19, a few e-learning platforms such as Byju’s began to be widely used by students to access different courses. As a matter of fact, the online education market was projected to reach $350 billion by 2025 owing to the increasing investments in education technology. However, most of the educational institutions continued with the traditional ways of teaching prior to COVID-19. Subsequently, the usage of virtual classrooms, online learning software, and video conferencing tools began to surge during COVID-19.

COVID-19 has come as an epiphany for all such institutions that didn’t transform digitally with time. Many of them have had to resort to online learning platforms with insufficient training, little preparation, and no planning. The result is poor user experience, problems in communication, and an unconducive atmosphere for sustained growth.

Integration of IT in Education

Integrating IT in education is not only the need of the hour but is also the future of education. There is no industry that hasn’t been disrupted by the advancements in technology, and the time is right for the education industry to leverage the opportunities offered by the latest technologies.

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