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Happiness Is A Place Between Too Much And Too Little

Racking passport stamps always make us feel the rush of energy right before traveling. I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who gets this kind of feeling when I’m ready to travel. And what else can explain feeling down in the middle of this pandemic and stuck at your home? There certainly is a connection between happiness and travel. But before we can explain the science of the connection between happiness and travel, we’ll break down each of them right below.

A pious woman sitting on stone in Amazing View point in Nangyuan Island.

Getting happiness and then keeping it maintained is a difficult process and pretty much everyone knows that. Think of something you’ve recently discovered that makes you happy. Now if you keep doing that certain activity a few times, it’ll surely make you happy. But what’d happen if you keep on doing it? Or will it still keep making you happy or will you feel something different?

The funny thing is that in this era of technological advancements, we can’t exactly measure your happiness but we sure can come closer to quantifying them. Everyone indeed gets happy with unique and different activities but not everything has to be unique. Studies have shown that some specific activities do make most people happy. A new well studied research has shown an unknown link between exploring new places or a road trip with mental peace and happiness and that’s not all that can be said about it. Another study does suggest that there are other ways too to keep your happiness flowing and we’ll discuss both possibilities down below.

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The Connection Between Happiness And Travel

Researchers have studied multiple people in the middle of the pandemic and collected data on their emotions. They’ve found that people who have visited several places, their positive emotions including excitement, relaxations, and happiness boosted and enhanced compared to people who didn’t.

But how much is the information reliable in a practical world you may ask? Other studies have shown us that switching scenes are one of the best ways to lead our mind to the happiness and a better sense of wellbeing.

Even the smallest activities like regular exercise and taking a different route to go grocery shopping can boost up your mood. I mean, what is happiness if not regular good feelings persevering? You can always immerse yourself with a long vacation in another region but let’s just save that for when we’re able to travel abroad again.

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Togetherness with nature

After all, we can point this amazing fact out that happiness is not a state you be at, it certainly is a manner of traveling that you experience by yourself. Finding out which destination makes you happier and going there to feel is another best way to escape from consistency. You can always experiment with your feeling by going to different places and seeing the difference.

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Bottom Line

With the worldwide pandemic going on, international traveling is restricted that goes without saying. But it didn’t stop our human need for traveling and bringing forth happiness. Now that everything looks brighter and the spread is contained, things can get normal once more. The tourism industry will get back at its feet and soon and we can start traveling again in pursuit of our happiness.

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By Kasturi Garg

Prior to her current job she was licensing Slinkies in Delhi. Earned praise for building jack-in-the-boxes in the financial sector. When she is not writing in her favorite coffee shop in Delhi, Garg spends most of her time reading, cooking, and traveling which is presently restricted due to the pandemic. She watches Khan's movies and likes to catch up with her favorite KBC shows. An admitted food fanatic, she feeds her addiction to dosas and idlis by going to Bengali Market in Delhi on Sunday afternoons.

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