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Facebook general info:

It is for general information that neither NC Airways nor any of its associate group has any account on Facebook as of now.

Founded in February 2004, Facebook, Inc., the Menlo Park, California based American social media conglomerate corporation, Facebook, has vastly altered the way the world and its people communicate with each other.

After 16 years of its inception, more than 1,000 companies have boycotted Facebook. Major advertisers on FB have reduced their spending by millions of dollars. This may not significantly damage the company’s revenues, but it may have caused enough dent to facebook’s credibility.


Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, is of the view that its business is not dependent on a few large advertisers. He has emphasized the importance of small enterprises and individuals that depend on Facebook for promotion. Read More

It is also in the news for other varied reasons. FB estimates that 1 out of 1000 views are of hate speech.

Nov 19, 2020. The iPhone maker, Apple Inc, has criticised Facebook Inc. for their ad-targeting practices along with others in response to a letter questioning a move by Apple to delay a new privacy feature.

The two social media giants – FB and Twitter – have been accused of crossing a line far more dangerous than what they censor. Just weeks before the elections in the U.S., the renowned tech giants seem to have united to block access to incriminating reporting about their preferred candidate. Read More.

Facebook stock in 5 years is presumed to be worth much higher than today. Assuming the company’s revenue to reach $165bn in 2025, revenue being almost equal to that of Google today, this would give it a valuation of more than $700bn.

But analysts point out that the ‘Ad Business’ – the basis of FB’ is a risky proposition. As the depth of the global advertising market decline becomes clearer, the analysts are cutting estimates for Facebook like ad-driven internet stocks. That is why FB stock is falling.

Dec 18, 2020. Shares of FB trade presently at 276.40.  The FB stock today seems to have overcome Covid hits and a general boycott so far. However, the stock has another challenge to face. It has to attend to various antitrust lawsuits filed by the federal government and 46 states.