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Has Facebook Monopolized The Social Networking Market?
Facebook Monopolized

The term “techlash” has been pretty popular for the past years and the term ‘Facebook Monopolized’ keeps being the center of public concern which is surely not a good thing. But if we focus on the companies that these terms have been used on, “Facebook” has the most on its name than any others. But only now it’s getting the realization of the monopoly power Facebook possesses. Jurisdictions from both USA and the Europe already initiated a slate of cases against Facebook and that’s not the latest news. But an important question remains about this social media giant and the regulatory action against it. Are these regulatory actions favoring general consumer protection or is it just aiming for no apparent direction? Is it even siding with basic human privacy rights? We as public individuals certainly want to see these changes effective. But it remains the biggest question of this era about whether these events will ever happen in the long run.

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Where We Currently Are

Facebook already possesses the powers of monopoly in the social network and the source is The House Judiciary subcommittee on antitrust themselves.  They already have kept their position intact by eliminating competitors and that’s not all. The subcommittee also has concerns about other tech giants including Google and Amazon. There was a request for review on potential remedies including these tech giants, especially Facebook since Facebook owns multiple social media platforms as well. But these congress decisions might make Facebook separate their businesses. For example, Facebook might have to split Instagram and Whatsapp from their main line of business and get forced to manage separate operations for each of these platforms.



This had adversely hit WHATSAPP, INSTAGRAM, MESSENGER and had embarrassed Facebook.

Facebook-owned social-networking apps recently faced some technology issues that are not acceptable by its users. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger things has been such a big part of sort of the tech revolution of the last decade or so. As every company and organization reach its customers through one or the other social media platforms, problems with Facebook and WhatsApp affects their major activities.

Facebook Monopolized. The problems with Facebook seem to be caused by the recent tech issues such as server configuration issues and HTTP streaming errors. On the other hand there are several problems with Facebook similarly affecting its other applications like the share button stops working; it stops accepting and uploading pictures, news or articles, endless rotating circle while uploading, when marketplace stop working due to the Facebook problems many users suffer as their items stuck in review. People get disconnected from their accounts and sometimes are unable to access their business page making Facebook embarrassed.

Furthermore a new privacy policy of WhatsApp is also a recent tech issue that is faced by its users worldwide asking them to switch to other services. Suggestions about force stop and a clear cashed also does not help solving the problem. As users are getting new terms of services and privacy policies it asks for sharing data from the Facebook accounts of their users with the WhatsApp.

People spend a lot of their time updating their social media accounts and their sites throughout the day. Additionally problems with Facebook may not commence huge amounts of bandwidth which cause technical issues. Users not only share day to day moments but also learn and solve interesting problems.

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Facebook On Congress Reports

The congressional decisions also include that they’ll consider any acquisition by the tech giants to be anticompetitive. Only if these platforms can prove that merging with other small platforms will be for the greater good of the public and not for any other reasons. They’ve specifically pointed out that the monopoly power that comes from Facebook is a bit extreme on other smaller and newer platforms that the competition seems like child play. And this monopoly power wasn’t achieved overnight, it comes from their extremely powerful networking and their way ahead data advantages along with an excessive switching cost for the users. The report also suggests some bizarre but clever inclination by Facebook on their monopoly power acquiring methods. They include copying, buying, or eliminating competitive platforms and staying on top of all. One of the biggest examples is Facebook buying Instagram back in 2012 and that’s not all. They pretty much acquired Instagram and started integrating their own mechanism inside them before any similar platform competitor can rise up and get close to their level. And the other big example is Facebook acquiring Whatsapp Messenger and making a part of them back in 2014. But those are just the major platforms we’re talking about. Facebook acquired 89 platforms until now and the list will surely get enlarged without a doubt.


Bottom Line

Facebook has become a literal example of the American success story. As a tech giant company, they sure know how to play the monopoly game better than anyone we’re seeing. They pretty much monopolized the social networking market without a doubt and the list goes on. They’ve invested billions in these businesses and they sure made things popular to catch the attention of the Regulators. But the reviews didn’t exactly give them enough reason to stop this Tech Giant at the time.

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