Claim Your Cash Back

Welcome to NC Airways Cash Back scheme.

It is our endeavour to ensure that you make the best of opportunities through NC Airways.

To help you welcome another year of happy travelling and end 2020 on a bright note, we’ve prepared ideal packages for Cash Backs.

Whenever you book an air ticket or a hotel you qualify for a “Cash Back”.

It becomes due when you complete your travel and remains valid till 30 days of the completion of your travel.

Jalsa Banquet Hall, a unit of NC Airways, also offers cashback.

The amount of cash back is applicable to our visitors as under:

For any air ticket booked thru NC Airways, cashback offered are:

  • Member – Rs 200
  • NC Airways Employee – Rs 150
  • Contributor – Rs 100
  • Subscriber – Rs 100
  • Social Media Follower – Rs 100
  • Past Customer – Rs 100

For bookings done on Jalsa Banquet Hall – 10% of the billed amount.

Please fill in the form below with your booking details:

    7. Relationship with NC Airways

    As you fill the form, its particulars are verified and the amount is credited directly into your account.