What The Governments Are Doing To Restart The Aviation Industry

The air traffic was down at least more than 50% in 2020, and now it’s even less. But since the vaccinations started, the aviation sector is trying hard to recover all the functionalities.

Indian Aviation Ruined by Policy Interventions

If you allow the number of fliers to grow, but do not have enough manpower, then all policy measures will only distort the ecosystem.

Tejas Light Combat Aircraft of HAL Make Other Countries Look Up to India

And above all, the brand value of HAL, the respect for India among other countries including the US and the EU get a tremendous boost unless, of course, some other country comes up with a better aircraft at a more competitive price and terms. Even then, India shall remain the undisputed leader because by that time India would have progressed even further.

Flight of an Aeroplane and the Science Behind: Which Came First?

Every child has the spirit of the Wright brothers within. If only the spirit is not crushed by the cogwheels of the education system. Our education system, instead of polishing the spirit of innovation and creation, burdens the students under the weight of rote learning.

Aeroplane Manufacturing in India, the Flight Not Taken Yet

Despite this striking similarity and available talent, why India is not producing aeroplanes? India does not seem keen to take the road to aeroplane manufacturing.

UDAN – Giving Flight to Dreams of New India

Making air travel affordable to all (Ude Desh ka Aam Naagrik), UDAN, was the vision behind this scheme unraveled by Prime Minister Modi. The Indian middle-class is brewing new dreams,…

India Based Jet Airways Rises Smartly From Ruins

Jet Airways’ share price has embarked on a flight of its own. Despite being grounded for 2 years now, the share price has skyrocketed from 13 to 155.65 today. A…

SpiceJet: In Need of Another Turnaround

The stock value of SpiceJet airline had dropped to Rs 35.25 post the announcement of lockdown, it plummeted back to a high of 106.15 during the year-end in 2020. The…

IndiGo flight out of crisis: a revival story in Covid times

With the travel restrictions imposed worldwide in light of COVID spread, the airline business is almost in shambles. Even in this surging storm, the Indian aviation star, IndiGo has managed…

Air India Sale by Government May Eventually Find a Willful Buyer

As per reports being circulated in the media, Tata Sons may bid for Air India Sale by Government. Ironically, it was the Tata Group, which had founded the Air India…