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BJP Wins Subendu Adhikari Today, Is Bengal Next?
BJP wins Subendu Adhikari

BJP wins Subendu Adhikari or does Mamta lose Subendu Adhikari?

Step 1

Create an aura for infotainment for the thrill seekers.

Step 2

Strike when the iron is hot and strike hard.

BJP Wins

This is a case in point.

Vibhishan did the same to Ravana, and since then betrayal has become a necessary evil for the human race. Every section of history, every part of the world have witnessed this with varying degrees in form, manner, execution and the result.

BJP wins Subendu Adhikari
A sea of humanity at the BJP’s rally in Midnapore

Suvendu Adhikari, Sunil Mondal and other rebels publicly refer to increasing discontent among the people and the party about the status elevation of Mamta’s nephew Abhishek Banerjee while justifying their actions – quitting TMC and joining BJP.

Will the Bengal BJP become a B team of TMC?

Meanwhile, the BJP has to remain on high alert.  The BJP has to remember the events that took place in Maharashtra. Are these TMC rebels clean and trustworthy? The BJP leaves no stone unturned while mentioning misrule in Mamta regime. This also implies that these very rebels who are joining BJP now were also part and reason for that misrule.

For the grand old party, the Congress, Bengal has been an apt example of what goes around just comes around. That is, the Congress along with the Left is now getting a taste of its own medicine. Most of the leaders of the TMC had earlier defected from either Congress or the Left in the same way. Interestingly enough, even the TMC Chief Mamta had done the same with Congress. In any case, it can now be safely assumed that the BJP now has an upper hand over TMC and other rivals in Bengal.

Bengal is indeed set for a change – not because the BJP has unleashed all its might, but because its opponents – TMC, Mamta, Congress and the Left – have just failed to deliver. The BJP has just to capitalise on this. The writing on the wall is very clear. It seems that a political storm more fierce than the Cyclone Amphan is brewing which will sweep Bengal from Darjeeling to Digha. ‘BJP Wins Subendu Adhikari, what’s next?’ – is doing the rounds in political circles.

Apart from spending prodigious amounts of time and resources, the BJP strategists also assure one very important feature in its campaign. The BJP seriously mentions the accomplishments of the luminaries of Bengal – Gurudev Tagore, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Syama Prasad Mookerjee, Khudiram Bose, Ramprasad Bismil – with whom Bengalis attach an overwhelming sense of reverence. This emotion is echoed by Gopal Basu, a family member of Khudiram Bose stating that the BJP has given them reverence which previous governments, not even the TMC, cared to provide.

Can the BJP win 201 seats in Bengal’s 294-member assembly?

This has been the public assertion by the former BJP Chief Amit Shah in his Bengal campaign. Only time will tell whether it turns into a reality. In the mean time, it is high time  that the TMC, the Left and Congress combine and get their act together. They must also accommodate the AIMIM and its leader Owaisi who has a successful track record in Bihar. They can only then fight the might of BJP. For inspiration, they can look at Congress and NCP combination with Shivsena which successfully kept the BJP at bay.

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By Naleen Chandra

Naleen Chandra, founder of NC Airways based at Patna in Bihar. The author and coauthor of several blog posts. He has worked for more than 20 years in Aviation as an Aircraft maintenance engineer at senior management. He is a keen observer of socio-economic conditions which affect every aspect of the common man's life. He is a corporate director and investment banker-turned political commentator. Views expressed here are, of course, personal.

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