Emergence of Bharati Ghosh in Bengal to Help BJP

When your enemies try to bring you down, it is a sign that you are on the path to success. So is said about the Lady Dabangg of Bengal, former IPS officer, Bharati Ghosh.

Her political convoy was recently attacked in the Bhagabanpur area of East Midnapore district of Bengal. Such instances are not new in Bengal. But what is emerging as a new energy in Bengal needs to be talked about at length.

Bharati Ghosh was once the SP of West Midnapore district. She used to share a very close association with Mamata Banerjee. Following a spat with the former Congress MLA Manas Bhunia and Mamata Banerjee, she was given a punishment posting. The fearless officer did not budge but instead, put papers. She refused to dance to the tunes of the politicians in power and decided to take power into her own hands. She took voluntary retirement from the coveted services in 2018. She joined BJP in February 2019. She fought her first elections from the Ghatal Lok Sabha seat.

What gave her the tags of ‘Fire Girl’ and ‘Lady Dabangg’?

Harvard and LSE graduate, UN-peacekeeper, and a top cop of Bengal became a household name in few districts of Bengal. The fearless aura of this lady cop created her space in the hearts of many.

During her days as an IPS officer, she did commendable work in some of the Maoist affected areas of Jhargram and West Midnapore districts. Her iron hand and good work soon equated her to a lady Dabangg.

Her political influence started to surface towards the end of the year 2017 itself. The bypoll elections in Sabang Assembly constituency reflected a remarkable rise in BJP’s vote share. It jumped from 2000 votes earlier to some 37000 votes. It was then that the Sabang SP, Bharati Ghosh was accused of plotting a conspiracy with the help of Mukul Roy, to defeat TMC. It was then that her relations with Mamata soared. She was brutally sidelined by her political Godmother. She had to resign from the services.

Is she now a stooge of BJP?

‘Amor Parivaar, BJP Parivaar’ (My family is BJP family) is the slogan raised by Mrs. Ghosh in every rally and gathering she addresses. She believes that for any state to prosper, being in conformity with the Centre is a must. The issues she raises like the need for CAA to stop illegal filtration in Bengal and the low healthcare expenditure are always substantiated with facts that people listen to. Her tireless rallies covering the entire length of the state, from north to south are a testimonial of her party loyalty.

Somehow, she is never a frontline face in the local media of the state. It is probably because Bengal BJP cadre does not want her strong personality to overshadow them. She is deliberately kept away from the limelight. Sadly, the most googled things about her remain ‘bharati ghosh hsband name’, ‘bharati ghosh age’ and ‘bharati ghosh phone number’. Perhaps a woman’s identity is hard to be noticed beyond these benchmarks.

Will Bharati Ghosh be the face of Bengal?

It is not very clear to date as to what the target of Bharati Ghosh is. From where she will fight for the elections is also not revealed yet. She is found rallying from village to village in various districts of Bengal ranging from Hooghly, Barddhaman, and Midnapore in the south to Jalpaiguri and Uttar Dinajpur in the north. It, therefore, becomes difficult to gauge if she is representing herself as just another upcoming MLA or aspiring to be the next Chief Minister.

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