Bengal Election Fervor Witnesses New Shades Everyday

Bengal election fervor is witnessing new shades each day. It is raging with violence and aggression one day. A trembling fear cripples these politicians another day. Mamata Bannerjee‘s Trinamool Congress is trembling with many fears of late. It is fighting the fear of the strong possibility of losing power. It is also fighting the fear of the party falling completely apart. Political ambitions have started bringing cracks in her own family. In its fear and desperation, TMC has been forced to reach out to its arch-rivals, the Left and the Congress. TMC has finally spread out its hands for want of help. 

What shook the ground for Mamata in her own state?

West Bengal assembly elections 2021 projections have shown that more than half the number of west Bengal assembly seats are slipping out of TMC’s hands. Power is slipping out of the hands of Mamata Bannerjee. BJP is advancing at an unprecedented pace.

Bengal Election

Amit Shah’s rallies are witnessing more crowds than ‘puja pandals’. The rising number of defections from the part is another cause of worry. In the latest developments, BJP general secretary, Kailash Vijayvargiya has openly claimed that he has a list of 41 TMC MLAs who are ready to join the BJP and be part of the winning tide. If this happens now, the TMC government will fall apart and a constitutional crisis will emerge. 

The biggest jolt to Mamata came after Suvendu Adhikari’s parting. And now, Mamata Bannerjee’s own brother, Kartik Bannerjee has shunned TMC for its dynastic politics. 

In the midst of such crises, State President of BJP, Dilip Ghosh has put direct allegations of minority appeasement against Mamata. He has statistically highlighted the wages of Muslim Imams and Hindu priests to show the disparity. BJP has also leveled another allegation against the ruling government that it is fidgeting with the voter list to increase the number of fake votes of Bangladeshi immigrants in BJP dominated areas of Bengal. Such revelations will definitely drive out not only Hindu votes away from TMC but any informed voter of Bengal would now be cautious.

TMC’s election preparedness ahead of the awaited Bengal poll 2021

Every year, Mamata Bannerjee holds a part meeting in the East Midnapore district. Every year, the responsibility of organizing this meeting used to remain in the hands of the Adhikari family. This time it will not be so. The family has been bitterly sidelined. The meeting is planned for January 18 this year. TMC has already appealed to form an anti-BJP coalition. More headways will be planned through this meeting. TMC leader Saugata Roy has invited all anti-BJP forces, the Left and the Congress specifically to line up behind TMC to fight against BJP. It no more looks that TMC has any ideological base left. It is acting like a company firefighting in desperation to survive.

Bengal Election

Fear is gripping even the Election Commission

Amidst the rising violence and state of political vendetta, the Election Commission of India is also getting scared. It needs to ensure a democratic poll process, keeping in check the law and order situation in the state. The Chief Election Commissioner, Sunil Arora is due to visit the state with his team soon to assess the situation. News has it that the elections might be advanced well before the usual poll time of April-May in Bengal. In light of covid, even postal ballots might be allowed in the state this time for the elderly, to exercise their voting rights safely. 

The election fever remains high amidst all these fears

Keeping all these fears aside, the political spectators are witnessing the most interesting elections of their time. The tussle between a party winning 3 seats and the party winning 211 seats, in the just previous elections, is at interesting crossroads now. 

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