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A Banquet Hall in Patna that Suits All Budget -

A Banquet Hall in Patna that Suits All Budget

One banquet hall in Patna, Bihar is Jalsa Banquet Hall, a unit of NC Airways, which caters to almost every budget.

It is quite competitive when compared with the high-end Maurya hotel Patna banquet hall price. This is also very attractive when compared with Chanakya hotel Patna banquet hall price.

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Not only for marriage, if you are searching for a banquet hall in Patna for ring ceremony, then you will find Jalsa Banquet Hall an ideal choice since its services are customizable.

As an ideal marriage hall in Patna, Jalsa Banquet Hall also has a few attractive offers, like discounted air tickets, which are irresistible.


Banquet hall in Patna.

banquet hall in patna

Jalsa does all kinds of event management functions for society like weddings, parties, conferences or any promotional event. The occasion being held as per customised needs of the client.

Jalsa Banquet Halls are at two locations in Patna. It is itself a popular landmark in its areas as seen in Google maps.

1. Aditya Arcade, Exhibition Road:

2. Rukanpura, Bailey Road

banquet hall in patna

The hall was unavailable during Mar-Dec 2020 due covid reasons. A few days ago, the activities were subdued, and are now slowly picking up. Last functions held on 20th May, 7th May, 19th May, 24-30th April 2021. They all were low-key functions due to covid, lockdown, etc. Functions held on July 1st and 2nd were near normal.

At present, we are also responding to queries for following marriage dates (Drik Panchang) in 2021:-

August, September, October – No Shubh day available.

November – 15, 16, 20, 21, 28, 29 and 30

December – 1, 2, 6, 7, 11, 13

We get a number of queries for these dates at present. First come, first served.

The main services provided are catering for multi-cuisine in veg, non-veg or both, decor services as per your selected themes and customizations, DJ as per the requirement of the function. Facilities available or not available at Jalsa Banquet Hall:

banquet hall in patna
Shubh Tilak
  • External catering not allowed
  • Allows havan
  • Overnight wedding is allowed
  • Changing rooms, bridal room
  • Rooms for overnight stay
  • Budget friendly


It is priced as:

At Rukanpura

At Rukanpura:
FF Hall, rooftop, open ground, can accommodate 400 guests – Rs 21000 + Rs 500 pp.
GF Hall, open ground, can accommodate 500 guests – Rs 25000 + Rs 500 pp.

The food, the decor, lights and other arrangements are to be customised as per your directions.

You can book one or more halls in combination. Two different functions can be held simultaneously.

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Banquet Hall in Patna
Small hall at Exhibition Road

At Aditya Arcade, Exhibition Road
(1) Hall no. 1- 1500sft: can accommodate 100 guests – Rs 21000 + Rs 500 pp

(2) Hall no. 2- 1500sft: can accommodate 100 guests – Rs 21000 + Rs 500 pp
(3) Hall no 3- 4000sft: can accommodate 400 guests – Rs 40000 + Rs 500 pp
(4) All Halls: can easily accommodate 500 guests Rs 50000 + Rs 500 pp

It can also accommodate and organize 30-50 guests for Pre-wedding Functions.

It also provides complimentary rooms for the wedding couple and their families to get ready and stay in till the wedding ceremony.


Veg Food, full decor, stage, mandap, check-in time 08:00 hrs on day 1; check-out time 10:00 hrs on day 2.


Rooms for overnight stay, DJ, still/video photography, bridal make-up, pick up and drop from Patna Airport, Patna Jn, or Patliputra railway stations.

The pricing depends mainly on your budget and other specifications, especially the date of your event. You can select a few services of your choice. Jalsa has an ample number of options available for every price range.

General Services.

Tent House Services – It comprises general decoration, stage, entry gate, mandap & flower decoration, water-proof pandals, and electric lightings and balloon decorations. This is apart from normal items like tables, chairs, crockery, bed sheets, rugs, blankets and mattresses, etc.

Catering services– A wide variety of veg and non-veg items for normal Lunch/dinner and/or High-Teas is available apart from separate counters for mock tails and fruits. It can be customised as per your taste and requirements. For the event the range starts from Rs 360/- pp for veg to Rs 650/- pp for non-veg. For resident guests it is Rs 30/pp (breakfast/evening snack) and Rs 55/- pp (lunch/dinner).

– Photography services with or without drones are also available.


Booking Calendar

At Rukanpura:

September 17, 2021 – Birthday Celebrate

September 21, 2021 – Birthday Celebrate

November 20, 2021 – Marriage

November 28, 2021 – Janmasa

December 1, 2021 – Janmasa

February 9, 2022 – Janmasa


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Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQs)

What are your charges?

Mentioned above in ‘Pricing.’ The charges mainly depend upon the number of guests, the venue, the decor theme, electricity and water consumption, waste disposal and the menu cuisine you choose. Sometimes the date also becomes a factor. For example November 29, 2021 is in very high demand. As a thumb rule, you may visualise Rs 70000 for 0-50 guests, Rs 110000 for 100 guests, Rs 190000 for 200 guests, Rs 330000 for 400 guests and Rs 400000 for 500 guests. Everything included.

What is the booking duration?

The default is: Check-in time is 08:00 hrs on day 1. Check-out time is 10:00 hrs on day 2. That is, you use the premises for at least 26 hours.

Can I cook my own food?

No. There is no need of it. All services related to catering, cleanliness, hygiene, garbage disposal, decorations, tech support are available in-house.

What are the menus, catering options or cuisines which you have?

Choose options from: For Party –
North Indian/South Indian, Mughlai
Live food counters, chaat, snacks, high-tea
Mocktail counters.
Charges start from Rs 400 pp for a standard menu and go up as per your directions. Besides, you can also have breakfast, lunch, snacks, tea/coffee (non-party) for resident guests.

Is there any provision for overnight stay?

Yes. Dormitory stay @ Rs 200 pp. Twin sharing rooms @ Rs 500 pp.

What are the admin Rules to be followed for covid?

At present they are: inform the police, DM at least 3 days before the event. Keep number of guests a minimum.

What are the modes for payment?

Mainly digital. Cash transactions are avoided. Choose Netbanking, or UPI like PayTM, Google pay, etc.

How do I avail discount?

The sooner you book the venue, the more discount you avail. This is in the form of a cashback which is credited directly in your account after the completion of the event.

We are social. All our social media followers, alumni of NC Classes or connects – LinkedIn connects – are eligible for special discounts on the products and services we offer.

For an employee of Jalsa/NC Airways, only the catering and decor charges are applicable.

What is the cancellation policy of your services?

When cancelled within 1 week – 50% refund, within 2 weeks – 70% refund, within more than 2 weeks – 90% of the booking amount refunded.

What other complimentary services do you offer?

Air bookings through NC Airways. Rs 150 cash back.
Rs 5000 off on Air Tickets for the honeymoon couple.

I do not find my ques in this FAQ. How do I….?

Please feel free to Contact Us with all your ques or suggestions.

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