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Many airlines try to boost domestic and international flights

Despite the aviation industry being hit by the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, many airlines are preparing to join other airlines in the intercontinental market by December 2020. They seem to be working very hard for the restart of the air services.
The $1.9 trillion money manager, Pacific Investment Management Co. anticipates an economic recovery and that the next market rally will lift the aviation sector – beaten-down the most by the pandemic- as people start to travel again.

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Mexican Airline Interjet

Interjet is one of Mexico’s three biggest airlines. It operates on more than 50 routes.

As the coronavirus pandemic devastated global air travel, Interjet availed a $150 million capital support in July 2020 to get it through a substantial restructuring in an effort to lessen the effect of the crisis in the airline sector.

August 30, 2020. Interjet is now in a position to increase the number of routes and frequency of its domestic flights beginning from September. It will hopefully boost travel options to Mexico’s northern states and popular tourist destinations.

Interjet will have to enforce health and safety measures. It will offer its passengers free rapid COVID-19 tests and N95 masks.

Uganda Airlines

Recently, Uganda Airlines celebrated its first anniversary. The airline had collapsed in 2001 but was relaunched after 18 years. It has four planes at present.

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