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About Us

About Us

Welcome to NC Airways

Hi Visitor,

Thanks for landing on our ‘About Us’ page.

It is all about making judicious use of science and technology, aviation, renewable energy, manpower management, related news, views and analysis therein.

To learn more ‘About Us’, please consider the vision with which we see life.

Our Vision.

We see ‘education’ from a different perspective. It can easily be said to be unorthodox.

An education system fails whenever it asks for payment from the candidate.

An education system must be self-reliant. It should practise what it preaches. It should be capable to add value to resources it has – vis-à-vis – land, building, plant & machinery, manpower and tech know-how. Then it can generate enough revenue to support not only itself but others. The process of doing this is what education is all about – to learn how to learn. Then only it will be called a truly ‘atma-nirbhar‘ system. That is, it should not be viewed as a liability to the Nation.

With this vision, after a number of trials, we started our mission and over the years it took the form of ‘Learn While You Earn.’

People like the Wright brothers are our source of inspiration. Most of the inventors like them were school drop-outs.

What we do

We enrol skilled workers:

  • masons,
  • plumbers,
  • electricians,
  • carpenters,
  • fabricators,
  • painters,
  • chefs,
  • drivers,
  • auto mechanics,
  • radio mechanics,
  • computer techs,
  • HVAC techs,

and others

into our fold. They come under one roof and we sincerely look after the welfare of the individual and his/her family. Besides skilled technicians, artists, craftsmen, writers and social workers are also welcome. Welfare includes job security, career growth prospects, medical insurance, PF, etc. which actually is the essence of their motivation.

We also extend theory classes in their respective trades, especially to the willing learner. We necessarily include life stories of inventors most of whom were school drop-outs. As case studies, we mention various rags-to-riches stories. Many such instances are already familiar to them and they easily identify themselves in a similar mould.

This is surely not intended to obtain a regular traditional degree or a certificate. Rather, the pupil may eventually become an expert to write a paper someday and publish it somewhere. The traditional educational institution may then include the same in its regular curriculum.

This is only a step towards developing personality, self-respect, financial security and improving the quality of life. It is their skill, their work and their accomplishments which do all the talking for them and about us. For instance, members showcase their expertise by erecting steel tubular structures, steel grills, or ACs which do not require electricity. Their sons and daughters, too, are learning all the time as trainees.

The objective.

The status. Social and financial. It surely can not be through the usual certificate. It is aptly reflected through the recognition they get from clients, and especially from financial institutions. A number of our team members maintain current accounts with banks besides having salary accounts. They thus become the most sought-after customers for the banks. They become eligible to avail various loans and services from the banks. The banks, too, are happily willing to extend CC limits, secured and unsecured loans with very few procedural hiccups. Throughout the appraisal process, the educational qualifications of the person are nowhere to be seen. One such nationalised bank has been operating its branch and zonal offices from our premises as a leasee for the last 36 years.

Thus, we become a sort of labour supplier for our clients. We also act as a facilitator for our members for their finance-related needs. All such labour services are pooled through us. We are accountable to both the client and the worker. The worker feels secure especially in the event of a mishap while on duty. The insurance cover saves him which is otherwise missing in the case of an orthodox daily wage earner. It is a win-win situation.

Technology, Business and Creating Opportunities.

We thus envisage ourselves as Engineering Consultants for value-added services, career security, entrepreneurship and creating opportunities.

about us

During the past 15 years or so, NC Airways provided expertise in aviation-related activities. The mentor, Naleen Chandra, counselled aspirants aspiring for self-improvement and thus the firm came into being in its present form based in Patna, India.

Having spent most part of our careers as Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, our interest areas have naturally been inclined towards science and technology in general, aviation in particular. 

Today, such young people find valuable info and counselling here on career and self-improvement while following the proven “Earn-while-you-Learn” principles. 

Perks and privileges

We also run and maintain banquet halls in Patna at two locations. All our members are entitled to avail of its services for themselves or their family members on such occasions as weddings.

Needless to mention, members get attractive cash-backs on tickets booked here.

Jalsa Banquet Hall


Rukanpura, Bailey Road
Patna, Bihar
India 800014

Aditya Arcade, Exhibition Road
Patna, Bihar
India 800001

N Chandra, Director at other Group Companies: 

Nextgen Enterprises Private Limited 


Mitraon Vanasthali Private Limited


Emails: ||

Tubular structure during fabrication- inside view

We are social.