Will Banning India Harm the US, the World’s Largest Economy?

America tries to impose sanctions on India. Can it afford to do it? Will it work for the US which is already under a huge debt from India?

Has Facebook Monopolized The Social Networking Market?

Facebook has become a literal example of the American success story. As a tech giant company, they sure know how to play the monopoly game better than anyone we’re seeing.

Happiness Is A Place Between Too Much And Too Little

Happiness can still be found as you travel untouched areas on earth, study nature, customs, cultures and discover amazing ways of survival

What The Governments Are Doing To Restart The Aviation Industry

The air traffic was down at least more than 50% in 2020, and now it’s even less. But since the vaccinations started, the aviation sector is trying hard to recover all the functionalities.

Indian Aviation Ruined by Policy Interventions

If you allow the number of fliers to grow, but do not have enough manpower, then all policy measures will only distort the ecosystem.

Are Aviation, Tourism, Hotels, And Hospitality Sectors On Track To The Pre-covid Level?

Tourism Industry had been one sector which was brutally devastated by covid-19. While sectors like aviation lost revenues in billions, the general public saved its money. This endorses the fact that travel sector is not indispensable.