Patna University Result: Gasping for Survival

On its own the Patna University (PU), with its available resources somehow is able to generate Rs 38.8 million. Despite this, it further requires Rs 5,451.5 million in FY 2021-2022.

Budget FY21-22: What Ought to be the Top Need for the Government?

H2FY21 has indicated some solid recuperation with the demand returning to pre-Coronavirus levels, an intermediary for which would be the way that GST assortment got over Rs 1.15 trillion in December 2020.

Tejas Light Combat Aircraft of HAL Make Other Countries Look Up to India

And above all, the brand value of HAL, the respect for India among other countries including the US and the EU get a tremendous boost unless, of course, some other country comes up with a better aircraft at a more competitive price and terms. Even then, India shall remain the undisputed leader because by that time India would have progressed even further.

Share Market: 8 Reasons for Sensex Breaching the 50,000 Mark

The COVID year 2020 is the last wish for anybody. But when we entered 2021, it came with lot of hope as if full of fresh air along with high potential-- be it economy, social as well as health.

Flight of an Aeroplane and the Science Behind: Which Came First?

Every child has the spirit of the Wright brothers within. If only the spirit is not crushed by the cogwheels of the education system. Our education system, instead of polishing the spirit of innovation and creation, burdens the students under the weight of rote learning.

Share Markets on Friday Saw the Biggest One Day Fall of the Month

The blacklisting of several Chinese companies including the semiconductor producing, SMIC, and Chinese gas giant CNOOC has pulled down major Chinese stocks.

Bengal Election Fervor Witnesses New Shades Everyday

News has it that the elections might be advanced well before the usual poll time of April-May in Bengal.

Space Achievements of India Brings India to the Elite Club of Six Nations

The way PSLV injected the 30 satellites one by one showed how precisely this mission took place, Dr Sivan said and added that it was because of team ISRO’s hard work behind the mission, which as supported by the industries in providing the hardware.

Aeroplane Manufacturing in India, the Flight Not Taken Yet

Despite this striking similarity and available talent, why India is not producing aeroplanes? India does not seem keen to take the road to aeroplane manufacturing.

Infrastructural Development in India at an Unprecedented Level

Infrastructural Development in India is unfolding a new face of India. With new highways, new bridges, new tunnels, the infrastructural development of India has seen unprecedented pace under the Modi…